Extra Redshirts (as it should be, I guess)

As I mentioned on pentapus, I designed some Trek parody shirts for my birthday party. Due to some last minute illnesses (we suspect hangovers from Friday night) and a competing party, we have a good number of shirts left over.

I am offering these extras up for sale to help make up the cost of the shirts, so that my finances are less strapped during my trip to Japan in May, and so that I don't have a box of shirts taking up space in my little room. I'm not making a profit on these, and I don't plan to go into the screen-printing business at this time. :)

I have 25 unisex t-shirts in sizes:
6 - Small Gone!
8 3 - Medium Gone!
9 2 - Large (yep, still have a few of these left)
2 - X-Large Gone!

USD - $15 + $8 shipping = $23
AUD - $20 + $5 shipping = $25
(different currencies and different countries. If you're not in Oz or the US, postage may be different. I'll let you know.)

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*We had plenty of people at the party, but we had a lot of canceled RSVPs, not to mention we made a lot of shirts. Also, people kept molesting my tribbles, but that's unrelated. :P

Art: Luce + Mickey, Allison's original characers

Allison wanted a picture of two of her original characters--Luce and Mickey. Girls, hooray! I feel like I've been drawing only boys lately. :)

The story as I understand it: Luce, the blonde, is a real live guardian angel, though Mickey doesn't buy this explanation for a second. Luce mostly hangs out irritating her charge--Mickey, on whom Luce also has a crush. For bonus points, not only is the premise cute, but both characters are intelligent, sharp, and into comics. :D (More notes below the picture.)

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